How you can make money online as a spotify curator?

October 24, 2020

The post briefs you a new and really cool method to start making money online without actually having any music on spotify by using spotify platform. This method is called playlist curation. Basically, what it is, all you have to do is put together an awesome playlist full of great music that people want to listen to, and then the harder part is not only putting together a playlist but then promoting them to get followers. And the reason these playlists need followers is that you’re going to be promoting other artist’s music using your own playlists and selling placement on these playlists.

How does it works:

Let’s say that your artist’s name is Boost My phone because you like to boost your phone. Let’s say mister your phone is an artist on spotify that wants to grow his audience. So what he must do is go to an independent curator such as yourself or some other person on that curate spotify playlist and he wants to get his song placed on this playlist. So basically how it works is, this artist is going to pay a set amount per month to be placed on a certain slot in the playlists.

For example, if you want a top-five slot placement, it’s will cost way more than if you want a top 25 slot placement because your song is gonna be higher on the list. So now you know how it works and you want to get involved. What do you need to do next?

You will have to get involved in playlist curation. So the first option you have is actually grown your own spotify network. This means you have to go to create an account or if you already have an account just use that one and then basically you need to create a bunch of playlists that are ranking in keyword searches.

One of the most important things for creating a Spotify playlist and curation for the playlist is actually having a good playlist name. There is a whole art to making playlist names and it’s really simple as it looks. There are keywords that perform better than other ones and. Sometimes it’s just a bit game of trying to figure out what keyword works best.

For example, your playlist depressed was actually ranking for the word depressed on Spotify. So you refer when you research depressed on spotify. Your playlist would be like the second or first one that comes up and it will get you a ton of followers.

So the best way to actually grow your playlist once you have a good playlist that sound good together with about 60 to 100 songs. You need to start using Instagram ads to grow your playlists.

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