How to write a good review?

November 8, 2020

 How to write a good review?

Every blogger or novice journalist finally asks himself this difficult question. In this article I will try to describe my recipe for book review.

This is my way of writing a book review. The best way to start is to write, why we write a review at all and what prompted us to reach for a particular book or other cultural work. The book was recommended to you by a friend, you saw an advertisement on TV, this is the work of your favourite author? By providing this information, you can make your review credible from the very beginning.

It is good to put a cover in your review. Many people are visual artists, and the illustrations make the text on the computer screen more attractive. It is important that you give the author of the book and its title. In my opinion, it is not worth giving out irrelevant information such as: ISBN number, name of the translator, publishing house, year of publication, number of pages. In my opinion, it is not worth quoting the author’s biography as long as it adds nothing to our text.

Many people ask themselves whether they should summarise the book they have read in their review. I think they should. The plot is the most important factor in deciding whether we reach for the book. It is important to remember not to argue. One spoiler can spoil the whole pleasure of reading.

We must remember the basic purpose of writing a review, that is to express our own opinion. Many bloggers award stars or points, but it is more important to describe your impressions. Do you see advantages and disadvantages? Be sure to write about them. Pay special attention to the plot and style of the novel.

Finally, make your recommendations. Recommend the book to readers who may be interested in the book. Think carefully about this, so that you do not disappoint someone because of a poor recommendation.

Remember about spelling and language correctness and legible formatting.

Following the advice, you will certainly soon be able to write a good review of your book.

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