How to Update QuickBooks Payroll to Latest Version?

January 11, 2021

QuickBooks payroll software is a type of software that assists with recruiting employees for time worked. This software can be attained via an HR software vendor or can be added as part of an HR software package as a module within a complete system. Payroll software usually assists with deciding the paychecks from hours logged in time and attendance tracking systems. After that, the software carries the paychecks or direct deposits finds into employees’ accounts. The user is always recommended to update QuickBooks payroll software on a timely basis.

Thus, if you are in search of the process to update QuickBooks payroll, then reading this post ahead would work in your favor. Moreover, you can also ask our professionals to carry out the process on your behalf. You just need to call us at +1-844-405-0906 and leave the rest on us.


Steps to update payroll service account information

The user can carry out the steps to update payroll service that are given below:

  • Initially, the user needs to select employees > My payroll service > Account/Billing Information or Account Info/Preferences
  • After that, sign in working the Intuit account login and password
  • The last step is to choose the information that is to be updated


Update for basic, standard and enhanced payroll

  • Updating and setting up the bank account
    • The user should select lists and then chart of accounts
    • And also pick the accounts tab and choose new
    • The next step is to select bank and select continue
    • Also, enter the bank account information
    • The next step is to select save and close
  • Updating the payroll admin information in QuickBooks
    • For this, the user needs to continue to employees > My payroll service > Billing/Bank report
    • And then, under the company information section, click on the payroll admin tab
    • And also, click on the edit link
    • Followed by entering the Pin and tick on continue
    • The user is then required to follow the onscreen directions to update the payroll admin report
    • And a processing request screen will appear till the update is finished
    • Lastly, the user should check the updated payroll admin information and close the window

The above steps are considered to be enough to update QuickBooks payroll successfully. However, if the user is unable to update QuickBooks payroll even after following the above steps, then in such a scenario we would recommend the user to speak to our QuickBooks desktop pro customer support team at +1-844-405-0906, and they will resolve all your queries instantly.

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