How to Stop Binge Eating: Day to Day tips and Tricks!

November 10, 2020

People simply overeat out of mindless habit, and it’s the result of some underlying emotional issues. The evaluation is done based on the frequency of episodes of binge eating and symptoms and what triggers the pattern of binge eating. But one can adopt some basic adjustments in the lifestyle to reduce the frequency of binge eating by consciously making an effort and maintain a healthy lifestyle both mental and physical. Every individual needs different treatment according to what their triggers are and how bad the eating habit is.

How to Stop Binge Eating

Being in the present and eating mindfully will help you to stop binging and regretting afterward and will make you feel in control of your senses to feel good about yourself.

  • Be Mindful, Keep a journal: Write down what you ate and keep track of your binge eating patterns and what emotion or circumstances triggers it. Evaluating helps in recognizing and eliminating or at least be mindful when you feel triggered.
  • Never miss out on breakfast: Breakfast is a very important meal for the day, especially for the people who have binge eating disorder, as you are full after breakfast there are chances that you will eat on time and will not overindulge with food.
  • Eat at Regular intervals: Keeping blood sugar levels in check and maintain a proper schedule for food will reduce the binge eating episodes as the body will get healthy food at regular intervals.
  • Replace binge foods: If you want to make a conscious effort in changing your lifestyle, be very attentive when you shop for groceries and make sure you do not excessively buy the food that you often binge on. Keep your shelves clean of junk food.
  • Differentiate between feeling hungry and feeling dehydrated: Many times, the mind does not differentiate between being hungry and being dehydrated so, people to eat when they just needed water at that time. Do not feed your stomach mindlessly.
  • Concentrate on food: Enjoy the food while you eat it, cherish the flavor, taste, colors and feel the food. Allow all your senses to concentrate on just-food this will provide you with satisfaction and happiness.
  • Exercise: Exercise does not have to be bland and not interesting, choose the exercise which you like and move your body to release stress and emotional triggers. Hormones and chemicals released after a good exercise session can help curb the pattern of emotional eating.

Physical diets or restrictions around food are the primary reasons for binge eating, but to get rid of your mind triggers and the façade around the diet food or fear of certain food items is the issue. Binge eating is a reaction to dieting or other ways of restricting to food and controlling weight. People who pursue healthy behaviors (like exercising, eating vegetables, etc.)—without worrying or focusing on weight outcomes—are significantly more likely to maintain those health behaviors over time. These are some tips for how to stop binge eating.

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I am a San Francisco psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and the author of Reclaiming Yourself From Binge Eating: A Step-by-Step Guide to Healing.

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