How to set up Outlook on iPhone

April 17, 2019

How to set up Outlook on iPhone

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Know about setup and password change of Outlook in iPhone

Smartphones are easy and convenient to use and almost all the applications of computer are accessible on these phones. As mobile phones are carried along by everyone, so if everything is accessible through mobile, it makes it easier to use.

If a user has iPhone and the emails from outlook need to be accessed, the Outlook can be set up on the phone. By accessing Outlook emails on phone, the user can send and receive the emails easily. Whenever the user wants to access the application, they need to know how to set up Outlook on iPhone. The procedure for the same is mentioned below:

  • In the iPhone, the user is required to click on the Settings app.

  • Then, the Mail, contacts, calendars option is tapped.

  • After that, the user needs to tap on the Add account option.

  • Next step is to click the option of

  • The user is then required to enter the username and password for the and click ‘Next’.

  • Finally, the user can choose the services which need to be enabled and sync with Outlook and all settings are saved.

In the case of Outlook change password, the below steps are followed:

  • The File tab in the Outlook is clicked and Info option is selected.

  • After that, the Account settings button is clicked and then selected.

  • The user needs to select the account whose password needs to be changed.

  • Next step is to click on the Change button.

  • In the password field, the correct password is entered.

  • Finally, the Next button is clicked to save the settings.

For any query, the support center of Microsoft can be contacted whose info is available on the official website.

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