how to sell the cryptocurrency?

November 10, 2020

How To Sell Bitcoin?


  • Exchanges are a good solution for trading Bitcoins. First, set up an account with an exchange that meets your criteria. The majority of top exchanges ask for complete identity verification. Also, a connected bank accounts so that you can withdraw your funds. If your bitcoin is in a personal cold wallet transfer it to an exchange wallet.
  • After the transaction is done successfully, the funds are credited in your account. Then you need to transfer them to your connected bank account.
  • Moreover, It is important to check the fee you need to pay in order to use some exchanges.
  • Also, most of the exchanges will have a limit on the amount of money you can store. The limit will increase over time if you are a consistent trader in a  particular exchange.
  • Finally, not all exchanges are secure and reliable place to store your funds. They are vulnerable to hacker attacks, and previously there have been instances of exchanges being hacked. But there are also exchanges with top security too. Therefore, you should take care of  your own funds and store any amount that is not required in a secure offline wallet.
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