how to play king game in efficient manner – Guess disawar gali faridabad gaziabad number

January 14, 2021

Hey guys its been an immense pleasure to introduce a website which displays all the relative information you need while betting or playing  king .

Here we are so you now made your mind to dive into the ocean of  King . Good Luck for your earning and for your luck. When you play you need certain knowledge about how it works. You may have got my point now.

There are basically four popular games available in market.

Here are the list for king games

1. Gali

2. Disawar

3. Faridabad

4. Gaziabad

In above mentioned games Disawar is most popular among four & operated from dubai but played mostly in India.

Before you dive into this game, Let me first warn you as Its banned in India as per government rules and regulations. If you found playing at your home or anywhere you could be fined heavily or be jailed.

So now I come to the point about how it actually played. To start playing you need to find Khaiwal or punter in your area who will place your bid or number for disawar gali faridabad or gaziabad games. Lets say you have choosen certain number between 1 to 100. If you have chosen number 20 then If you are lucky enough and your gets open on next day you will get 20*80=1600 rupees.

Actually its hundred percent but khailwal gets its commission of 20 % and hence you only gets 80 percent of number.

There are numerous website which displays the number of games. One of them is which publishes King number as they are published from company. So bookmark our website to stay updated with the results.

Now I give a short glimpse of terminology or technology and general information of King Games.

What is actually  King Game ?

Its basically luck based game in which you tries on your destiny through playing or Gambling.

Is it legal to play it ?

Yes, Its prohibited or banned In India, you can not play it openly you could be at risk to be in the clutch of authorities. so beware of that.

How many types of games available in the market?

As I have already discussed in this article as there are only four games which are popular but there are also others games to such as Kalyan matka, disawar gold, lucknow ,New Delhi, Old Delhi, Agra, UP king HINDUSTAN, SUPER SULTAN ,DELHI NIGHT, MAHA LAXMI LUCK DUBAI HIMACHAL DAILY RAJWARA NEW LUXMI JAI GANESH RAJDHANI KAVERI JUNCTION FARIDABAD GANGA NAGAR FATEHABAD ROYAL MUMBAI FAST PATNA CITY JAI DURGA FAIZABAD SUPER DELHI RAJDHANI

You can cover your loss by playing choose any of the games which are available at khaiwal.

For tips and tricks you can always follow our website  king disawar blog at

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