How to Install Amazon Alexa App

January 14, 2020

When you will download Alexa App, it will let you easily set up and manage your Alexa experience at your location. You can easily Install Alexa App and set up your smart home devices.

Amazon is popular worldwide for introducing unique devices. Alexa is an Amazon creation which is a beautiful combination of the latest technology and Artificial Intelligence. Alexa Echo Dot is a smart speaker with voice assistant that is capable to perform smart functions. Before you use it, you must know How to Setup Alexa Echo Dot properly. Setup process is very simple, but if you do not know how to setup Alexa, then call +1-877-577-3887 Alexa experts.

Plug-in your Amazon Echo app device.
Wait for a few minutes for illuminated rings to turn orange.
It indicates that it is ready to configure it in any case ring turns purple press and hold the action button till the time it gets turn to orange again.
Open the Alexa App Echo and tap the horizontal lines in the right corner of the screen.
Connect the devices available by connecting your device to Wi-Fi.
Connect with your Echo app device for setup.
Now download anything or use your device anywhere in your home or surrounding area.
You can change the default word like click on setting and then select my echo app device and then wake word by typing new words.
Finally, your Amazon Echo is now fully set up.

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