How to Grow your Audience in the Age of Brand Ethics

November 17, 2020

How to Grow your Audience in the Age of Brand Ethics

In today’s market, ‘cancel culture’ is on the rise, one little scandal can affect your brand. That is why while promoting your brand to grow your audience, one must tread carefully. Nowadays, customers prefer brands that are making ethical decisions for example people are more attracted to the brands that are using sustainable materials and are environmentally friendly rather than going for cheap and convenient. Similarly, customers tend to be attracted to the brand that discourages plastic use rather than brands using plastic.

The more the brand focuses on their social impact in the world; the more they will stand out amongst the competition and bring in more customers. Here are a few ways to grow your audience in the age of brand ethics:


The audience is smart; they know the world is going towards a global environmental catastrophe. Hence they prefer to opt for brands that are environmentally friendly so that they can spend their money on a noble cause like helping the environment.

An environmentally friendly brand encourages customers to spend more money as it gives the sense of doing something positive. For example, Levi’s is a famous clothing brand that promotes the recycling of old jeans and denim that requires less water to create clothing.

Be transparent:

Customers are bombarded with promotions every day. So to stand out, your brand must be transparent. Lying will get you nowhere. The audience is getting smart now they know when they see a fake marketing ploy hence the best policy, to be honest, and promote your brand without using deceptive methods. For example, if your brand has an eco-friendly package, promote that.

Promote your ethical accomplishments:

To grow your audience, your brand should capitalize on the brand’s ethical accomplishments. For example, H&M is a famous clothing brand which is using sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics and they promote your business a lot, which brings in more customers.

Today customers choose a brand that has a positive impact on society. Hence brand must change their outlook and focus on producing products and services that might help in a change in the world.

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