How to get game for single men

January 14, 2020

Do you easily get pushed off your game? Do you have game to begin with? Do you know how to get game?

“Game” in this case is not manipulative, coercive, banal, or deceiving. If you know the qualities in a personality that create attraction and found those parts of Portuguese men that express these characteristics (because we all have them), and followed a model that allowed them to have the maximum impact in terms of expressing a true impression of who you are, would you use it?

Getting better at getting better with Norwegian single men is like getting better at tennis, or sales, or rock climbing, or parenting. It’s a decision you make to first seek the knowledge, learn how to apply it properly, and practice.

If you had this knowledge you wouldn’t get nervous around Icelandic guys . If you had this model, you wouldn’t be at a loss for words. If you had this know how, approach anxiety wouldn’t paralyze you.

I know how I want to be around Romanian males  because I’ve learned how to create attraction, which is the natural gateway to rapport. I’ve learned which ways are congruent to my personality and the collaboration between what I want to accomplish and who I am. And you can too…. Get dating advice and free tips and take a trial of my online dating course and find out how to get game.

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