How to fix the Yahoo mail not working? 

May 18, 2020

Yahoo messenger is one of the oldest media for online communication and exchanging emails with friends and colleagues. From the time internet came int existence, people have been using Yahoo for basic online activities. And for accessing the services of Yahoo, you can sign up with a username and password. 

Yahoo account not working 

Many users often complain of Yahoo mail not working and face difficulty because of the issues in their accounts. Issues in the Yahoo mail often happen because of reasons like internet problems, error codes, etc. And to fix these issues, one can follow below given solutions. 

Steps to fix yahoo mail not working 

1. If Yahoo is not working because of the internet issue then try to fix the connection problem because you can not access Yahoo without that. 

2. If you have forgotten the password of Yahoo account, then you won’t be able to use it. Hence recover the Yahoo account password. 

3. Keep clearing the memory of your mail with cache files and cookies for the new mails to load in the inbox. 

4. Try to update the operating system of the device for online applications. 

And hence you can easily use these troubleshooting steps to fix the Yahoo mail not working. 

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