How to fix the issue of Google Chrome not opening?

May 21, 2020

Google Chrome is one of the biggest web browsers that was launched in the year 2008 but some of its users complain about the problem of Chrome not opening.

Methods to resolve this issue

This issue can be resolved by following these below-mentioned methods.

  • If the user is facing any kind of disruption in the working of the Chrome browser then he can restart it to resolve any problem caused in the browser.
  • If the user is unable to resolve the issue, then he can also restart the device to get rid of the over-heating trouble of the device’s hardware.
  • It is recommended that the user should also remove any virus or harmful application from the device.
  • ‘Proper internet supply should be ensured by the user to the device.
  • Update the operating system of the device to increase its compatibility with the browser application.

Any person can also resolve the problem of Google is not opening on the mobile device by using the similar steps which are given above.

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