How to fix the Email not working?

October 16, 2020

Emails play a vital role in our lives as we spend most of our time online checking online emails for important notifications. However there are so many email users who complain of their email account not working. If your email is also not working then follow the below given steps to fix it.

Steps to fix Email not working

1.First of all go to the Internet connection and see if your net is working properly or not. At times internet connection gets disconnected because of which people are not able to log in.

2.Next update the email account so that you can access all its updated features.

3.Clear all the unwanted emails so that you would be able to get the new ones in the box.

4.Make sure that you enter the correct username and email password to log in.

5.Sometimes it’s the server error because of which users are unable to log in the account.

And that’s how to fix email not working. For doubts, contact customer care.

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