How to Fix Echo Dot device is Not Working

January 9, 2020

Many users complain that their Echo device is not working after the echo dot setup. The most common problem is that Alexa does not understand what users say and often revert with a phrase that ‘I am sorry, I didn’t quite get that’. It happens when Alexa is unable to comprehend what the user has said.

Fortunately, Amazon has added a new feature that the user can use to ask Alexa what she has heard after they set up alexa dot. A user can simply say ‘Alexa, tell me what you have heard’, this will help you to find what you have said.

Also, a user needs to make sure that they have positioned their Echo doe device in an open space away from the noisy household items like the dryer, washer, and dishwasher. This will help Alexa to hear you better.

A user can also use the Voice training, tool present in ‘Your Profile’ settings in the Amazon Alexa app. You have to read the 25 phrases aloud in a ‘typical voice from the typical distance’ so that Amazon Alexa could get a baseline understanding of the pronunciation and cadence.

If nothing helps you out, we recommend you reset echo dot device. One simple reset can be troubleshooting of all kinds of issues. So, reset the device and fix the problem.

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