How to Factory Reset MacBook Pro Step-by-Step Guide

September 11, 2020

You may have come across a term called factory reset on many occasions. And in simple terms, it means to have a clean slate. it’s erasing all the information that was present in its memory. Factory reset’s the memory & restores it to a point when you brought the MacBook pro. This includes deauthorizing the MacBook Pro from iTunes, cutting all the connection from the cloud, if any, and removing all data, including password, login, and other sensitive information. Of course, it has other uses of it, especially when you face some problem in the MacBook Pro and for how to Factory Reset MacBook Pro?

Sign Out of Everything:
Before Factory Reset MacBook Pro creates sure, you have to sign out from every app, web pages, and others where you have logged in. Though it’s not as necessary, if you plan to sell it, it’s advisable that you do so because you never know what the person you’re selling to might do with your account, like identity theft. These are some places where you should sign out, before processing with how to Factory Reset MacBook Pro methods:

Sign out from any connection or profiles you’re logged into. Though this is not necessary, doing it helps, especially when you use it to log into new Computers.
De-authorized your account of iTunes from your MacBook Pro, for this
Go to iTunes
Select stories from the tab
In the menu search for Deauthorize, click on it
You will be prompted to enter User ID and Password, enter it and press enter.

Log out from iCloud services, like iCloud. For that:

Go to system preference
Open iCloud
Select sign out to sign out of iCloud

Disable FileVault. For that:

Select system preferences
Here search for Security & Privacy, click on it to enter
Look for FileVault here.
Turn off FileVault.
You will be prompted to enter a password, enter it, and press confirm.

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