How To Easily Reset the Canon Printer

November 11, 2020

Canon Printers have been designed and developed by using the latest technology. Almost all the Canon Printers can Print, Fax, Scan and Copy at a time. There are many models of the Canon printers wherein you can choose the best Canon Printer according to your choice. To enjoy the best printing experience you must carefully install the Printer. To get more information regarding the Canon Pixma TS9120 Setup, you can directly contact the professionals for help. You may also visit the official website of the Canon to grab more information.

Easy Steps to Perform the Factory Reset the Canon Printer

If you want to Reset the Canon printer to its default factory setting. It will reinstate it back to its original time, helps to clear all the settings as well as stipulations which you have made after getting it. Here are the simple steps that you must perform to factory reset as follows:

• The initial step is to turn on the Canon printer and then navigate to the menu.

• Now carefully access the directional arrows which are used to perform in the setup menu.

• Then go to the Device settings and after that click on the OK button.

• Select the Reset settings option and now tap on the OK button to start the process.

Effective Steps to Reset the Canon Printer Ink Cartridge

• Turn off the Canon printer.

• Then click on the Power button along with tapping the Stop button.

• Now carefully release the Stop button.

• You must keep holding the Power button and then click on the Stop button two or more times.

• After a few seconds, the Canon printer will show ‘O’ on your screen.

• Then tap on the Stop button before hitting the Power button two times.

• Tap the Power button to switch off the Canon printer. This will basically conclude the process to perform the reset.

• You can reset the ink cartridges by simply releasing the printer’s power as well as the USB cables.

• Now open the ink cartridge door by hitting the Power button.

• Then connect the power cables meanwhile the Power button is pressed.

• Finally, shut the cartridge door, and then simply left the Power button.

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