How to download AOL desktop gold for Windows and Mac devices?

January 22, 2021

AOL desktop gold is a software that combines amazing features to share the best emailing and browsing experience with customers all around the world.  With desktop gold download on the Windows or Mac device, a user can send or receive emails, browse the internet, play online games, listen to music, watch videos, and do many other online tasks.  The software is completely secure to use and design using the latest technology to share the best user experience with the customers.

If you want to download the software on your computer, read the post. Here, we are sharing some simple guidelines that can help you with software download and installation on your Windows or Mac device.

Download and install AOL desktop gold- Windows

AOL advantage plan member- this is included in your membership with no additional cost:

  • Login to my benefits account.
  • Find the AOL desktop gold under the ‘All product’ section.
  • Click on the ‘download now’ button

If you have a trial version

  • Login to my account.
  • Go to my services>> subscription.
  • Click on the get started button under the able desktop Gold.

How to install the software?

  • Find the downloaded file in your file explorer.
  • Run this file as an administrator.
  • Proceed with onscreen instructions to complete the task.

AOL desktop gold download for Mac

If you have an advantage plan membership:

  •  Log in to the ‘my benefits’ account.
  •  Click on the ‘all products’ section and then ‘AOL desktop gold’.
  •  Hit the download now button.

If you have an AOL subscription:

  •  Log in to the ‘ my account’ page.
  •  Click on the ‘my services’ section and then ‘subscription’. Hit the AOL desktop gold button.
  •  Click on the ‘get started’ option to begin the downloading.

Install AOL desktop gold for Mac:

  • Visit the download folder and click on the .exe file you have downloaded for AOL.
  •  After this, double click on the file to begin the installation.

Hopefully, after following these simple guidelines you would be able to complete the aol desktop gold download for Windows 10 and Mac devices. The AOL software comes with amazing features to share the most reliable and secure user experience with the customers. Features like automatic updates make the task of upgrading the AOL software simpler every time when the new software update is available. Also, features like anti-keylogging and two-step verification make sure that your experience remains safe and all the shared information is protected.

All the above-mentioned guidelines are simple and easy to follow. But if you are still unable to download the AOL desktop Gold software, contact the experts and take their advice to get the task done. The professionals will always give you the best solution to the problem and make sure that you have a reliable AOL experience.

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