How to Choose the Right Dog Breed?

February 23, 2021

The pooch that you bring into your family is an important choice to take seriously.  Getting the wrong kind of puppy can mean a mismatch between your family and your dog, creating a need to rehome your confused dog at a later date. If you want to avoid the heartbreak and frustration, you’ll want to remember these tips when choosing the right dog breed!

Tips for choosing the right dog breed

  These tips will help you find the perfect dog for your family, whatever it might be! The right match starts with answering these kinds of questions. 

  • How do you spend your time as a family?: There are some dog breeds that are more energetic than others. For instance, a French Bulldog is known as a couch potato, whereas a husky is going to be a high energy dog. If you spend your weekends on the couch watching movies and playing games as a family, a husky won’t be a good fit. Likewise, if you enjoy hiking 9 miles every single day, a French Bulldog won’t be able to keep up!
  • Do you have kids?: There are some dog breeds that are especially great with kids and others that prefer to be in a more adult-oriented household.  For instance, beagles and pugs are well-known for being your child’s absolute best friend for life and enjoy spending their time together. Toy dogs such as chihuahuas, however, find most children annoying and can be known for biting and attacking persistent toddlers and children who just want to play. 
  • What are your preferences for size?: If you want to be able to control your dog at all times, you’ll find smaller breeds such as terriers and collies will be a good match for you. If you love the big gentle giants because of their attitudes, however, a Bernese Mountain Dog or a Great Dane might be a better match.
  • Do you want to show your dog?: If you are looking at getting a dog for your family but you also want to look at the world of competitive dog shows, you’ll need to find a breeder that is going to help you reach the standards that you need purely in the form of certifications. While most families want a dog that will be a great family addition (which can be done through adoptions and rescues), there are some that want to go the purebred route simply because they want the option to enjoy the idea of showing their dog, professionally. 


When in doubt, allow us to help you select the right dog breed so that you can get the right dog for your family long-term. The right dog breed for you really will make a positive difference and will be sure to keep you and your new dog happy and healthy long-term!

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