How to Choose Best Payment Gateway in India?

January 6, 2021


Ecommerce business resembles a pixie guardian for Indian retailers. It has opened a totally different universe of customers, helping little vendors and new companies get away from the constraints of geology. Today, even an entrepreneur or business person in a distant corner of India can become showbiz royalty and win customers from the nation over and even abroad, because of e-commerce selling.

Yet, before you transform your e-commerce dreams into the truth, there’s a significant obstacle to cross. You need a dependable and secure payment gateway (PG) that makes it simple for customers to pay utilizing their favored online payment mode.

Quick forward to now – liberating up a PG is a bother and dealers have in excess of twelve decisions to browse. This brings up another issue – how would you locate the best PG among the alternatives accessible?

Interesting points prior to setting up a payment gateway

  • Payment gateway cost (Setup fee, TDR, Annual free, transaction fee and many more)
  • Mobile application compatibility
  • Time to setup everything
  • Multiple Payment options (Credit card, Debit Card, Net banking, Mobile Wallets, UPI)
  • User Interface of the gateway
  • Customer care support

Types of Payment Gateway

There are basically four types of payment gateways available in India which is as follows:

  • Hosted payment gateway
  • Self-hosted payment gateway
  • API hosted payment gateway
  • Local bank integration payment gateway

PayG – One Platform Unlimited Solutions

PayG is one of the best payment gateways that you can integrate with your business website or mobile application for seamless and secure transactions.

It used to incorporate a lot of documentation, check, colossal arrangement feeds and particular aptitude to make it work. Regardless, as of now, it has gotten easy to set up a PG for selling your things in India.

Salient Features of PayG:

  • Zero setup cost
  • Hassle-free on boarding
  • Invoice generation
  • Easy to configure
  • Low transaction fee
  • Recurring billing facility
  • Payment Link facility

The most effective method to choose the Best Payment Gateway in India:

  • Integration Process:

As an entrepreneur, your emphasis ought to be on business; not on integration process. In the event that a specific payment gateway sets aside a lot of effort for joining, you ought to stay away from and pick the one which sets aside less effort for integration.

  • Bank Settlement Time:

At whatever point you look for payment gateway, ensure you check the settlement time. There are some PG’s that take 5-6 days for settlement. But the settlement time should be less than three days.

  • Responsiveness

Versatile customers have been expanding quickly and if the payment gateway isn’t portable cordial, the odds of losing customers are incredibly high. Guarantee you pick an PG that is quick responsive.

Security and Safety features

The payment gateway ought to have safe climate while making payment. Internet business goliath like Amazon India and Flipkart consistently centre on giving the best shopping experience. That is the reason security is basic. You ought to pick a payment gateway that offers stunning security for your customers.

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