How to check if redirects are implemented accurately?

January 16, 2020

One of the easies and quickest to determine whether you’ve used redirects correctly is to try loading the redirected page and examine what appears on the browser. The knowledgeable and technical expert is able to analyze the result but for people from non-technical background, everything seems correct.

To make sure the best utilization, use Header Checker tool, enter the URL of redirected page, and determine what comes as an outcome.

301 permanent and 302 temporary redirect warnings

Redirecting multiple pages to a single location could not be the better option because it might make you flagged as spam. Mostly the spammers create thousands of pages and redirect them to one location in order to boost the traffic and search engine ranking but it is not a good way. If Google finds you doing this it may end up banned. So never do the mistake of redirecting the large numbers of pages.

How 301 and 302 redirects affect SEO?

According to “Matt Cutts”, the head of Google’s Webspam team 301 redirects will not results in the loss in link juice, however, some people said that it may create a loss of 15% in link juice. Search engine visibility can be affected badly if 302 redirects are used incorrectly and create confusion for search engines.

Although both redirect options are used for the different purpose but still 301 redirects is recommended by experts as it is well understood by the search engines.


As the majority of the important topics get touched in the above section, at last, it is advised to first analyze the purpose you want to use redirect before actually implementing it. If you don’t have the updated and complete knowledge of how to implement the redirect, it would be a great idea to avail the Best SEO Services in Delhi from a reliable company.

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