How to change paypal password

January 6, 2021

PayPal account is widely used for performing quick online transactions and is also a popular means of performing online transfers as far as monetary transactions are concerned. The PayPal application login is essential in order to utilize the features and other related things offered by PayPal. But what happens if the users lose access to their PayPal account. There are certain things that one could try in order to get access to their PayPal accounts for performing online transactions.

PayPal change password

In order to change your Paypal account password, it is recommended that the travelers and the passengers stick to the following ways that are mentioned down under:


  • Through call

  • Through email

  • Through live chat

These three options are available for speaking with the customer care representatives that are competent enough in order to get assistance and help regarding a plethora of things that are listed down under:


  • Cancellations and flight change

  • Flight booking and Reservations

  • Baggage policy and allowances

  • Pet policy and other related inclusions

  • Manage/change the booking and so on.

I hope this helps with PayPal change password, if you still face any other complication related to Paypal account, then you are advised to stick to the customer care representatives at Paypal. They are experienced enough to provide great resolution to all your problems and complications that are faced by the users who use PayPal for all their transactions

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