How to change Outlook password in iPhone and Android

July 20, 2019

How to change Outlook password in iPhone and Android

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Check out the steps to change Outlook password

Microsoft suite has a product named Outlook that allows a user to access applications such as contacts, calendars, webmail and many more. Earlier it was known as Hotmail but when it was rebranded, the name was changed to Outlook.

The outlook is compatible with almost all the operating systems. If a user has installed Outlook in the iPhone and wants to change the account password, then the user has to follow some steps. The reason for password change could be data theft or security. It should be changed on a regular basis in order to avoid hacking of the account. If a user wants to know how to change Outlook password in iPhone, then below mentioned steps can be followed:

All these steps will make it easier for the user to keep the account safe and secure.

In case, the user is still facing any issue or query, technical support of Microsoft can be contacted. The details are provided on the official website of Microsoft.

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