How to change my wifi password and name?

January 8, 2021

You have just got the connection of Cox wifi done and that being the new connection it would have a simple name and password. Because of this, your internet can be misused and to avoid such a condition you can choose to change Cox wifi password and name so that no one other than you can use the wifi. To know how to make changes in Wifi name and password, you can follow the steps below.


Steps to Know How To Change Cox Wifi Password!


  1. Start by opening any preferred web browser and head over to the admin link from the search bar at the top.

  2. This admin link is that you can type in the search bar at the top and tap “NExt”.

  3. You will then be required to enter default username and password in the space and tap “Next” to continue.

  4. In this step, you will see wifi details getting displayed in front of you. And you need to tap on the “Change Account Details” option.

  5. This will open a new page where you can edit wifi details. And you can start by changing the name by tapping the pen like icon in front of the name. Create a name that is unique for others to recognize.

  6. And the same can be done when changing the password. The password right now is the default one. Create a strong and difficult password.


After you follow the steps on how to change Cox wifi name and password you can make the save the internet to be misused. For any further issues, you are welcomed to contact Cox customer service.

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