How to Become Mobile App Developer

March 13, 2018

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With the invention of new technologies, Mobile phones and its applications are growing and affect the way we communicate and work. Technological development has emerged substantially, making mobile application development one of the fastest growing careers in IT industry. Android is most widely used the operating system in the world, specifically designed for Smartphone’s but used in televisions, cars, tablets, game consoles, digital cameras and wrist watches. Being an open source operating system, anyone with experience in java can make apps and upload it on Playstore. It is great to start learning and work on such an interesting field for better future.

If you want to become an expert Mobile App Developer then you should follow the following steps:

1. There is no a specific criterion or qualification required to become an expert in mobile development. However, an only prerequisite required is basic knowledge of Java and XML. It needs some sort of training either from school/college/institute or company. All you need is creative mind to generate logic for best and new application. So, your passion and enthusiasm is required to become an Android Developer.

2. Search for an institute which provides best mobile app development courses training. Learn under the guidance of developers, so that whenever you stuck the instructor is always there to guide you. Learning phenomenon and the step by step mobile app development course includes:

·  Introduction to Android

·  Android Architecture

·  Development Environment

·  Database Storage

· Notification Message

· Background Task Processing and Services

· Basic GUI Programming

· Location Based Service

· Camera

· Layout Management

· Resource Management and Localization

· Intents and Intent Filter

· Application Menu

· Sliding

· Android Animation Effects

3.  Android app development course requires at least 3 months of dedicated work to become an expert. The skills one should possess are:

· Good database management skills.

· Knowledge about Basics of C, C++, Java etc.

· Logically strong, so that can create app with innovative ideas go in the interest of users.

· Analyze your skills and work accordingly.

· Basic start, make a simple app focused on high utility.

· Show it to your friends and family and make changes according to the requirements.

· Upload your first app, no matter what it is, necessary for the long run.

· Attend webinars, conferences, and lectures by developers for more advance advantage and try your best to heal your cracks.

4. In total, one can learn android within 3 months but need continuous efforts and become an expert. As per the saying “practice makes a man perfect”. So give your 100% to what you have learned and see the changes in your career graph.

5.  An android app development course fee completely depends on type of level you are choosing. Starting from 15k it exceeds with your requirement.


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