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How Residential Solar Can Bring Freedom and Choice to Households

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Residential solar is one of the most affordable and abundant renewable electricity sources. More and more households are planning an investment in solar as the cost of renewable energy continues to fall. Many reasons further highlight the advantages of solar energy panels installed in your residence:


  • Secure Investment: Solar power panel systems are significantly in request and fancied by many homeowners and investors. A solar photovoltaic (PV) system can add an exchange value to your home if you choose to sell or rent your property as it is a dominant feature. When it comes to power generated by residential solar rooftops, investors can easily calculate the price of electricity generated. One can even calculate the cost for ten years ahead; this way, it turns out to be a secure investment as you already know what to expect. You can also get an estimation of how much you could save with solar power using a solar calculator.


  • Reduces Carbon Footprint: Fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil produce harmful emissions that affect the environment’s quality and are accountable for global warming. India is located at an ideal geographical spot and receives a plentiful amount of sunlight. Solar panels decrease the risk of polluting and harming the environment, as it only uses the sunlight to function. Rooftop solar is a vital energy source as it combats climate change. Thus, residential solar panel systems serve as an investment for the planet’s future, saving non-renewable energy sources and preserving the environment.


  • Gain Energy Independence: With a residential solar power panel system, your property is powered by rooftop solar panels during the day and by an additional amount of energy stored in the battery at night. By installing rooftop solar panels, you gain control over electricity. Moreover, rooftop solar panels give protection to the roof of the property in which they are installed. Along with the production of electricity, solar power can fulfil numerous other purposes. Homeowners can use it to heat water and supply hot water or air to a structure. Solar energy can also be used to operate electric generators.


  • Offsets Your Costs: Solar allows year-round performance and savings, even in colder, cloudy climates. Investment in residential solar is helpful as no matter what type of loan you choose, solar payments will be more economical than your current electricity charges and, thus, boost your savings. Furthermore, the tariff rates for residential solar power systems are 17-27% cheaper than commercial and industrial tariff rates. Solar power doesn’t demand any external supply, which means its production and maintenance charges are zero. The costs that may go into installation and manufacture can be redeemed quickly. If you are still doubtful, you must partner with an O&M rooftop solar service provider.

Thus, residential solar guarantees peace of mind and choice to obtain a better household for the future. If you’re planning to install rooftop solar panels on your property, MYSUN is your best bet for a long life of savings and benefits.

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