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How Recruiters Use Social Networks to Screen Candidates

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The world truly is a Global village now that we live in a world where everything is accessible through the Internet on our small smart devices. Social media has become an integral part of our lives. From personal life to our professional lives, social media has become inseparable with us.

Did you know that recruiters screen candidates through social media before calling them for an interview and in some cases after an interview? Well, like it or not, social media screening is widely used by recruiters and there is no denying to this from their part. But what would they gain from checking social media profiles of candidates? They definitely aren’t going to get concrete professional information.

  1. They use Facebook to get an overview of their personality

Now there is no such concrete information one can get from social media. But then again one can literally identify the personality trait of a person if they have an ability to read between lines. When recruiters screen your profile on Facebook they don’t want to see your drunk images, inappropriate comments and abusive behavior. If your profile indicates either of these, your job application would instantly get a negative overview from recruiters.

  1. Twitter is often used to study the personal preferences of the candidate

Twitter is an excellent medium to get an overview of individuals preferences. Be it a political party, awareness regarding recent topics, racial and communal behavior, discriminatory policies or anything for instance. Recruiters look out for such information on social media to take further decisions.

  1. To catch lies

Yes, candidates do lie in resume. And it is absolutely wrong to do so. One of the objectives of social media screening is to catch such lies about past experience, qualifications and awards if any.

LinkedIn is mostly used to get an overview of professional career life of a candidate. Now before you start applying for jobs, it is essential to get your social media profiles in line. That to say, you need to remove inappropriate content as soon as you can. It is mostly during the early stages when an application is received that recruiters screen social media.

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