How People With ADHD Can Take Back Control of Their Lives by Going the Natural Route

May 16, 2020

Dracula’s Memory Secret Review Now I almost always have full-fat organic milk. I have wheat usually only once every two days and take regular Omega 3 supplements and occasional multivitamin and mineral supplements. When stress comes my way, as is unavoidable for anyone, I swiftly tap it away with EFT, otherwise known as tapping or Emotional Freedom Techniques. I try to cook all my food from scratch and minimize environmental pollutants in my life.

I have at least one relative with pretty bad OCD. Watching her as I was growing up, I swore if I ever got a problem like that, I would do everything I can to get out of it. She was very unhappy in her marriage; now I understand that to have been a big factor in the OCD manifestation. And I use the word manifestation deliberately. For most people with OCD tendencies, the OCD does not have to manifest. What makes it manifest is an imbalance in the mindbody. Fix the imbalance and the manifestation recedes or disappears altogether.

But OCD tendencies are not all bad. A brain whose tendency is to obsessive compulsive behaviour is a brain that can process the minutest detail. The fictional character of Mr Monk, the detective with OCD, is not all based on fiction. Monk can solve a mystery like no-one can. And he can because of his special brain and its amazing talents. If you have OCD or know someone who does, you can reduce or release the negatives and make good use of the amazing positives. We are all different and together we work well. Society needs the special abilities of our brains. And I for one am proud of mine.

Statistics about ADHD paint a pretty bleak picture. It has been generally accepted that diagnosis of ADHD has increased drastically in recent years. When you take a look at the actual numbers, that increase becomes more clear and with it the need for alternatives to traditional treatment, since the drawbacks of using certain medications has become known.

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