How Much Does the CASP+ Certification Cost?

November 20, 2020

It’s a basic inquiry, however, there can be several answers depending on your circumstances and the choices you make. The CompTIA Security Practitioner certification was started in 2011 with the expectation of being an expert level qualification for IT experts. It is a vendor-neutral certification that affirms people who have the certification have specialized erudition, advanced-level security skills, and the ability for critical thinking to suggest and execute network cybersecurity solutions.


What Does This CompTIA CASP Online Training Cover?

To successfully pass the CASP+ (Plus) Certification Training to pass the exam you have to apply critical thinking to a wide range of information security environments in order to implement cybersecurity solutions that become organizational strategies. Additionally, you will possess the skills to:


  • Design and build security for networks, hosts and software.
  • Transform business-related needs into security requirements.
  • Respond to security conflicts.
  • The CompTIA course has a total clock time of 7 hrs. and 32 minutes.


To get certified in CompTIA’s Advanced Security Practitioner job, you need to take the exam. The test covers technical knowledge and abilities that are needed to design, engineer, incorporate, and execute security resolutions across multifaceted security conditions to shield endeavour level associations from digital danger organizations from cyber threats. 


The CASP certification test comprises of a limit of 90 questions, for which you have 165 minutes to finish. The test is evaluated on a pass/fail premise. The test costs $439. 


Upon effectively finishing the test, your CASP certification will be legitimate for three long years. To renew your certification, here are a few rules that must be met. How long it will take you to get ready for the CASP+ truly relies upon your individual background, how regularly you work hands-on with security tech, and if you’ve finished CASP+ training or not, and if you have, how recently that training was.

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