How Mobile AR/VR Unified with AI will Transform Ecommerce

December 4, 2020

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) itself is an age-old technology, but its practical implementation and economic benefits are not just relatively new but have also taken a disruptive form over the past decade. Its unification with other advanced technologies like AI has further strengthened its presence in online commercial activities by transforming the way people shop online. Today more than half of mobile commerce has embraced immersive, interactive, and smart selling giving people an impeccable customer experience. This CX is expected to further evolve and improve sounding the death knell for archaic selling platforms in the coming decade. 

In this article, we will have a look at some of the most promising benefits of AI clubbed with mobile AR/VR that will prove to be a game-changer for the entire eCommerce ecosystem:

Cross and Upselling 

AI has exceptional learning capabilities that can analyze and identify customer patterns and derive useful insights on areas like what is a particular customer most likely to purchase based on their past transactions. AR/VR presentation and demonstration of the products will further prompt users to quickly buy an item that otherwise would seem uncertain on its suitability. 

Visually appealing ads

AR/VR mobile capabilities will empower brands to develop interactive ads that can engage users and instill a feeling of FOMO in them. Users can scan the ad on their mobile devices and experience augmented animations, product tutorials, and other related details. AI can further help evaluate customer buying behavior and show more enticing and convincing ads to buyers most likely to purchase a certain item.

Worldwide accessibility

Through mobile, AR/VR brands can promote global sales and delivery to areas that are remote and away from any kind of physical retail stores. People can virtually try-on clothes, furniture items, medical equipment, or even experience a demo of academic courses using Virtual mobile app to find the most suitable one without ever leaving their homes. 

Optimize sales

AI clubbed with AR/VR can help retailers determine the causes that lead to customers abandoning their carts. It can help them understand the changes in the presentation and demonstration of products that can improve conversion rates. For instance, a user is eyeing a certain piece of furniture for a living room. AR/VR simulation clubbed with AI solutions can change the virtual settings of a product to match the environment of a living room to give the buyer a clearer picture of the item.

These are a few primary ways that mobile AR/VR clubbed with AI is changing eCommerce. The possibilities are endless and will continue to emerge with new areas of application. Therefore, it is necessary for retailers to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with evolving technologies and leverage them as they come. We recommend getting in touch with a reliable AR/VR service provider to begin.

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