How Mobile Apps are Transforming the Education Industry

May 19, 2020

The 21st century belongs to technology, which has brought a dramatic turnaround in nearly almost all industries. It is impacting all disciplines & industries, and with the advent of technology, the field of education has completely revolutionized.

According to the recent statistics, the educational mobile apps are the third most frequently downloaded applications on mobile phones with the current rate at 8.47%.

Here are some of the ways how mobile apps are transforming the education industry

  • Improved Interaction and High Engagement

The most important factors in the education industry are Interaction & Engagement. If students are failing to engage with teachers or textbooks, they are likely to take more time to learn. Educational mobile app development solutions help the students to run with the pace of knowledge as it provides an enormous interactive User- interface.

  • Systematic Learning

Educational apps have made learning systematic & more informative. Most schools and teachers follow a particular style of teaching that follows a well-defined syllabus & course structure. These education apps encourage systematic learning and allow students to learn with a new perspective and explore their interests at their own pace.

  • 24×7 Availability

With mobile apps, there is practically no restriction & no boundaries in learning and one can learn at any place and time. Mobile apps have made learning a lot more effective than in the case of traditional classroom programs as it is a fun, easy, and convenient process.

  • Entertaining Learning Mode

With education apps, learning can become fun with the feature of entertaining graphics, imaginative illustrations, and various games make learning more enjoyable than ever.

Educational mobile application development has made the learning entertaining by featuring various types of games, puzzles & quizzes for the students to keep them busy and make the session interactive.

  • Ease of Communication

With the advent of technology, communication has become very easy & convenient. Communication is one of the most important tools and plays a very prominent role in every single industry so is the case with the education industry.

  • Customizability

Another important feature of the educational app is customizability. Every school and other educational organizations have their own set of teaching modules, training modes, and goals and ways of educating. With educational apps, education institutions got an opportunity to customize the apps and ways of teaching in their own way.

  • Easy Assessment of Projects & Assignments

Gone are the days when teachers had to check hundreds of test copies or assignments. With e-learning mobile apps, teachers can easily conduct tests & assessments in various formats like long-answer, short-answer, multiple-choice questions, match the following and more.

  • Instant Updates

With the mobile apps, teachers and schools can instantly send notifications to students about rescheduling meetings, campus maps, events, staff directories, and library books they are supposed to return and more. This feature assures guaranteed delivery of notifications.

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