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How Important is a Sat essay writing

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Sat essay writing

SAT Essay writing is important because SAT essay
contributes 11% or one ninth to the total SAT score.
SAT essay is quite different from the general essays,
written by the students in the school. When doing
an assignment in the school, students will have days,
sometimes weeks to research and organize the essay.
However, when it comes to writing the SAT essay,
students will be given twenty five minutes for
conceptualizing and writing the essay. Students
cannot prepare for the essay beforehand as the
topic will not be made known till the time of the
exam. But students can read widely and practice
writing essays on past exam topics, so that they
can write excellent SAT essays that can score high marks.
Get Help to prepare for the SAT Essay Only way to get a high score for /SAT essay writing is to
prepare well in advance, check some essay samples also good idea.
Writing practice essays can be quite
helpful. Reading sample essays also will help in a great way. Writing the SAT Essay Students have to note that they have only 25 minutes
for the SAT essay. It is imperative that they plan well for the twenty five minutes. They have to read and understand the essay prompt, and instructions for the essay. They have to plan an appropriate and relevant response because “an off-line essay will receive a score of zero”. Reading an essay example and writing practice essays will be helpful for students in their preparations for SAT essay. Essay has to be written on the answer sheet with a pencil. Answers written with ink will receive zero score and only those written on the answer sheets provided will be scored. Format for SAT Essay There is no specific format for a SAT essay, but the contents of the essay have to be well organized, and a good format helps the organization of thoughts and ideas. Therefore, the standard five paragraph essay format will fit nicely for the SAT essay. The five paragraph essay format is as follows:


Hook Thesis statement

Examples supporting the thesis

Body paragraph 1

Body paragraph 2

Body paragraph 3


Restate Thesis statement Scoring the SAT Essays A SAT essay is scored by two human graders and each will
assign a score on a scale 1-6. It has been found that there
is a high correlation between the SAT Essay score and the
length of the essay. But students will have to write with a
focus on the topic, otherwise the score can be zero. It is
best to write a complete and an organized essay within the
available short period of time, rather than writing a long
essay that has no focus or cohesiveness. Referring to a sample
SAT essay will help students get an idea of a good SAT essay.
A good essay writing company can provide sample SAT essays
with comments or you can receive quality essay writing help from EduJungles

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