How Do I Troubleshoot Epson Printer Offline Windows 10 Issue?

January 21, 2021

If your Epson printer is not printing and showing offline status, then it can be fixed easily by the user itself. Epson printer Offline Windows 10 is not a complicated issue and one can fix it using the correct troubleshooting procedure. Before you follow the below steps, we suggest you restart your devices i.e. the printer, computer as well as the wireless it is connected to. If the printer is connected through a USB or Ethernet cable, then make sure the cables are not damaged and connected properly.

  1. The first step is to confirm the status of your Epson printer.
  2. Go to the Devices and Printers folder on your Windows device and hover your mouse on your Epson printer model. By doing this, you will see the status of your printer i.e. Offline, Paused, or Ready.
  3. If the printer status says offline, then right-click on your printer name and click on See what’s printing option.
  4. Go to the printer tab and uncheck the Use Printer Offline or Pause Printing option if enabled.


Your Epson printer offline issue should get fixed by using the above steps. For more solutions regarding your printer issues, visit our Epson Support blog page or contact our experts directly.

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