How Do I Set up My Bellsouth Email on Outlook?

February 16, 2021

How Do I Set up My Bellsouth Email on Outlook

Bellsouth email is a very well-known popular online mailing service in the U.S. It has been nearly 38 years since Bellsouth was launched. Every person using their email really loved their services. Bellsouth was the last regional Bell operating company to keep its original name under the company AT&T after its breakout in the year 1984. Apart from this, Bellsouth was the only company to have the original Bell logo as a part of their main corporate company.

Bellsouth is not only operated in America rather they have their streams in many other countries too. Some of these companies are; Argentina, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, and more. Bellsouth has competed against various companies, for instance, Telecom New Zealand.

Now, apart from all the information mentioned above, we will talk about how you can set up Bellsouth email on Outlook. The steps are very simple to follow and easy to remember.

Following are some of these steps:

  • Open your account on outlook.
  • Select manual configures server settings and hit next.
  • Enter the name and Bellsouth email address.
  • Now choose between IMAP and POP and click next.
  • Enter in your credentials.
  • Select settings and choose the relevant option.
  • Now, after selecting all the further options choose next.

Thus, these were some steps that I could jot down for you. This can help you to some extent. Although if Bellsouth email is not working on Outlook you can from the Bellsouth team.

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