How Do I Reset Epson Printer To Factory Settings using Reset Button

September 17, 2020

Epson is the world-wide popular brand of printers that has gained popularity as it provides the finest quality of Print-ous to the customers. With the help of the Epson Printer, you can do many things at a time such as Print, Fax, Scan, and Copy. It makes the lives of the people easy up to a great extent as you can now print anywhere. Nowadays, the Epson Printers are designed so well that they can be carried to any place. Although Epson Printer is known for its performance, still some people may face technical glitches while using it. If you want to get rid of the Epson 830 Printer Problems, then contact the experts for help. You may also visit the official website of Epson to get better assistance.

Easy Steps To Reset Epson Printer To Factory Settings using Reset Button

If your Epson printer shows you a warning message ‘Printer Maintenance Required’ and though you know its working fine, simply reset the printer to get rid of that Error message. If you want to reset the printer to factory settings using the Reset Button, then follow the step given below:

• The initial step is to turn off the Epson printer by using the Power button.

• You can make use of a pin to press & hold the Reset button available at the back of your Epson printer.

• Then turn on the Epson printer but alongside keep the Reset button pressed for a few 5 seconds.

• After that, release the Reset button after a warning page which is printed.

• You will be able to see another page with the default IP address of your Epson printer will be printed.

• Make use of the Default IP address to reconfigure your Epson printer to the PPC.

• This is one of the best methods which takes very little time to factory reset the Epson printer.

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