How Do I Export The Data From Google Maps?

December 31, 2019

Make Your Own leads Generation List with Google Maps Scraper in a Few Seconds

Scrape and manage Google Maps’ contact information with Google Maps Extractor software. Use this Google Maps Extractor software to capture contact information from Google Maps easily! Get the information directly from the source with this Web scraper software.

The Google Maps Extractor is a screen scraping tool that can automatically scrape Google Maps Business information. Fresh prospect list ready for you within a few minutes.

If you are looking for an affordable, quick and easy way to capture contact information such as business name, address, Website, emails, reviews, phone number from Google Maps then, Google Maps Business Extractor is the data scraping tool that you need for email marketing, telemarketing, and SMS marketing.

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Make Your Own Fresh B2B Leads Data List From Google Maps With

Scrape and Export Data in CSV, Excel, and Text Formats with Google Maps Extractor

Stop copying manually the details from Google Maps. Let Google Map Extractor do it for you! Don’t spend money to buy outdated information, use Web data extractor software to get updated information from the Google Maps database! Do not buy a phone numbers list unless you have tried to use the Google Maps Extractor. Don’t use your hand to enter your prospect details, the information can be extracted automatically with this Google Maps Scraping Software. Save and Export the extracted contact lists in the most popular formats: CSV, Xlsx, Excel (XLS), and Text.

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