How Do I Change IP Address on My Router

October 12, 2020

With the growing Information Technology, the lives of the people become more dependent on the internet. Therefore, Router plays a major role in our daily life. There are many companies that design the best quality of Routers by using which you can enjoy the fast speed Internet. No matter how clever login credentials can be cracked. To add a layer of security, change the router’s IP address. The IP Address is basically used to access the router login page. Here you will get to know how to make the IP address more secure. If you have any queries about http //, then contact the professionals. You may also visit the official website for better assistance.

Simple Steps To Change IP Address on Router

If you want to change the IP Address on the Router and look for help, then follow the steps given below:

• Initially, you need to log into the account.

• Then open the browser and now you have to enter the manufacturer’s default IP address. It is typically located on the underside of the router.

• Make use of the username and password, then log into the router settings page.

• Now open the basic setup tab. The location of this option may vary by the router.

• Change one of the last two numbers in the IP address. You can make the use of any integer between 1 and 254, which will provide you the possible IP combinations which makes it much more difficult to guess the router’s IP address for someone.

• Then click on the Apply button, and now you need to wait for the router to reboot.

• Once you have done with selecting the IP and have written the selection down someplace safe. You need to click on the Apply button and wait for a while till the router to reboot.

• You can now check that the changes by using the new IP by accessing the router settings page.

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