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How do condoms work to keep pregnancy at Bay?

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There are several options available pertaining to the best condoms to prevent pregnancy. If you are looking for how to avoid pregnancy without protection, then you should consider birth control pills with the consent and advice of your physician. Yet, what you should know is that condoms are the sole contraception type which helps in preventing sudden pregnancies and also safeguarding against any sexually transmitted infections or STIs. There are two condom types, namely male condoms which are worn for the penis and also female condoms which are worn within the vagina.

However, male condoms are the most commonly used and preferred option for keeping pregnancy away. You should learn how to use condoms to prevent pregnancy. These condoms are usually created from thin rubber/latex and are built to ensure the stoppage of semen released by the man into the vagina of his sexual partner. Condoms are usually 98% effective whenever they are properly used while having sex. This indicates that every 2 out of 100 women will get pregnant within a year when male condoms are used correctly as contraceptives as an average. Condoms are readily available at pharmacies, medical stores, contraception clinics and other sexual health clinics.

Water-based condom lubricants are usually regarded as safe. Remember that condoms may slip away while having sex. You should require emergency contraception in such scenarios and undergo checking for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Condoms should be stored in areas which are not excessively cold or hot and make sure that they are away from rough surfaces which may lead to tears. Condoms should not be used more than a single time. New condoms should be used for every time that partners have sex. Make sure that you check the expiry date on the condom packaging. Do not use condoms which have passed this date. Ensure that you use condoms which have BSI kite marks as well along with the CE mark for the packet. This indicates adherence to stringent standards of safety and quality. Condoms use the barrier mechanism for contraception and are hence the best ways to keep sudden pregnancies at bay.

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