How Can I Register The Kindle Paperwhite Account?

October 12, 2020

You have recently purchased a new Kindle paperwhite device from Amazon, it will come pre-registered to you. But, if you have purchased the Kindle device from some third-party store or you have received it as a gift, you need to register Kindle account. In this post, we are going to share the simple step-by-step guidelines that can help you with the Kindle paperwhite registration. So read on and follow the simple steps to complete the task.

For registering the Kindle device, you can see the screen after you complete the Wi-Fi setup for your device. 

In case you have an Amazon account you can simply tap on the ‘use existing Amazon account’ option. After this, you are supposed to enter your Amazon username and password ( the Kindle paperwhite itself input its serial number, so you do not need to type it yourself. At last, you can click on the Submit option. This way you can simply register your Kindle paperwhite using the Amazon account.

In case you do not have an Amazon account, follow the guidelines below:

Tap the ‘Create a New Account’ option.
Now, you need to select your country or region from the menu and then click on the continue button.
Here, type your full name, email address, and password. Confirm the password you have entered and tap on the ‘Create Account’ option.
Now, you need to enter the payment method and your billing address. You can set up the payment method for your Amazon account for purchasing the items from the Kindle Store. The payment can be made using the credit card or the gift card you have purchased from the Amazon Store.
Click on the ‘Continue Setup’ option.

If you have any social network connected to the Amazon account, you will be asked to verify whether you would like to connect those accounts with your Kindle or not. You can also set the parents all controls as per your preference.

That’s All! Now you are ready to buy any book or content you want from the Amazon Store and it will be delivered to you on your Kindle paperwhite. If you have purchased any content while you were waiting for your Kindle device to arrive, you can see those books appearing on the home screen after you turn on the wireless and device register Kindle Account itself. Once the registration process gets completed, a short tutorial will begin. This tutorial will provide you the details about the basics of navigation on Kindle paperwhite. Once the tutorial is completed you can see the Home screen with a welcome message.

We hope that after following these simple guidelines you would able to register Kindle account for paperwhite device. All the mentioned instructions are simple, but if you still have doubts do not hesitate to contact the experts and take their advice.

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