How An Accomplished Family Law Attorney Can Help In Parental Child Abduction Cases

March 4, 2021

Child abduction refers to the abduction or kidnapping of a child by an adult. This occurs typically for one of two reasons. Either a stranger grabs a child for criminal reasons, or the most common reason is that the child is held by one of the parents. The most common of the two usually occurs when parents separate or start to go through a divorce. 

A parent may remove a child hoping for leverage over the other in any number of ways, hoping to have an advantage in an expected child-custody case. In some cases, it can be something as simple as the fear of losing that child. The least common of the two types involves someone seeking a ransom. Yes, some folks think by taking a wealthy family’s child, they will get money. These types of kidnappings date back to the early 1800s and often make better movies than reality.

On the other hand, parental abductions make up the majority of the two by far. There are a few necessary things you should consider if a divorce imminent. The first thing you should examine is the other individual. Hopefully, you know your partner reasonably well. Is this an individual who may or may not act irrationally? Where would they go? Could he or she really do that?

The best strategy is to stay calm & discuss the options with an accomplished family law attorney as they present themselves. Keep in mind; shared responsibilities are an opportunity for each parent to have a private time and to take care of children. It can also be good for children’s upbringing. However, parental child abduction is a vital issue that is dealt with firmly by family law courts. An able family law attorney would be the right expert who can guide you through these complex situations.

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