How AI has Transformed the E-learning Landscape

February 18, 2021

AI is being employed for personalized learning for each and every student. With the employment of the hyper-personalization concept which is enabled through machine learning, AI Tech is incorporated to design a customized learning profile for each and every individual student.

AI still sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie right? But the fact is you probably encounter it every day, possibly every hour, without even categorizing it as AI. If you flew to another city in autopilot or hailed a cab from Ola or Uber, you have knowingly-unknowingly interacted with AI. If you have used voice assistant today to schedule your meeting or set up some alarms, you have interacted with AI.

Artificial Intelligence has glided into our lives gradually in past few years. It helps us in parking our cars, helps us at master levels in video games. AI kind of sparks excitement about the future of how we teach and learn. But in real-time, it has been part of many e-learning platforms for the last long time, it is helping us to learn more efficiently. Personalized learning, a recommendation of resources, automated grading, and prediction of attrition rates.

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