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January 8, 2021


LoveRollers and Lover’s Guide

Lover’s Guide – ” The Curves of Seduction “

The Lines of Beauty That Connect Mathematics and Art of Love Making

The pleasure that comes with the experience of the five senses of hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting & smelling, assisted by the mind together with the soul. This lover’s guide are created to demonstrate 100+ kamaSutra position with their partner using LoveRollers, which are going to revolutionize the way we make love, with it’s unique & elegant design and will take couples on an exquisite and life-changing journey with their partners but also help to achieve cosmic love vibes.

Sexologist Review – Dr. D P Gupta – Sexologist ( M.B.B.S., M.D., P.G.D.S)

LoveRollers products are highly recommended for those who want life changing experience in lovemaking and DeepLove experience with their partner ”

Sex furniture is the best thing to spice up your love life. Want to know how?

Erotic furniture is the new addition to the already available ecstasy stimulants like lubricators and dildos that make sure that you and your partner simultaneously reach the climax. The erotic furniture positions are devised in scientifically experimented methods which take care of the right angles, posture, and comfort. We provide many different types of erotic furniture, including furniture store sex, benches for sex, sex furnisher, fusion sex chair, bedroom sex bench, an armchair for sex, sex rocking chairs, enhancer chair, portable sex bench, and more. When you don’t use something on your own, that generally leads to believing the myths surrounding it. People have various myths about sex furniture that is going to be debunked in this section.

Myths regarding sex furniture.

  1. Sex furniture is unhealthy for use:

Really? How can any furniture be considered unhealthy?

Like all general furniture, sex furniture is too made from the same quality wood and materials and made for personal use. They are ergonomic and follow a steady build design that comforts your body. With normal furniture like a bed, chair, and sofa, you can practice a very limited number of sex positions. With this conventional furniture, you limit yourself to the pleasure and soothing love that various positions bring for you. Erotic furniture like the sex sofa and sex lounge chair allow you to make love in 100 different Kamasutra positions.

Making love in sex positions is healthy and also arouses your partner to the fullest. It can help her achieve orgasms quickly, and even you have higher chances of fertilization. The sex positions and the angles make it a perfect shot for people looking for fertilization healthily and safely.

  1. Sex Furniture can’t be used many times:

While it’s true that love-making furniture is for couples to make love in whichever manner they want. And that the furniture may get stained with gels and liquids. Also, during lovemaking sessions, semen can drop on erotic furniture, which may be why people don’t want to use this again.

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