Honey Blonde hair extensions

August 18, 2019

human hair free shipping from US

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Honey Blonde hair extensions

Following in the steps of celebrity actresses, models and media personalities, ever-increasing numbers of women are discovering the benefits of Remy hair extensions and Remy weaves over other grades of human and synthetic hair. As with other popular new products and services, the international market is now flooded with many brands of hair extensions and hair weave options. For those considering buying Remy hair extensions and Remy hair weaves for the first time, below is a list of considerations before purchasing your Remy hair.

  1. Know your product

Remy hair is superior to synthetic hair and other types of human hair extensions for 5 reasons: Natural lustre and shine, softness, strength and longevity. Remy hair’s superiority is due to the fact that the hair shaft is cuticle aligned i.e. All the hair is laying in the same direction. Cuticle aligned hair reflects light in a particular way, is easier to maintain and style and is prone to less tangling and matting.

Human hair free shipping from US

2 Ensure your own hair is in good condition

It has been well documented that the continuous use of hair extensions can cause damage to your own hair, scalp and hair follicles. It is vitally important that you ensure that your hair and scalp are in good condition before

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