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August 14, 2019

hiv help center in maharashtra

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Are You Searching HIV Pre Test & Post Test Counseling in noida for Hiv Testing or Best Hiv Specialist Doctor in delhi, Noida, gurgaon,India. So You Can Contact HIV doctor or take Hiv Counselling. I am providing Hiv Testing , Hiv Doctor in all over India. For any inquiry please call me @ +91-8010977000, +91-9999219128 HIV stands for (Hiv) Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. While many viruses can be controlled by the immune system, HIV targets and infects the same immune system cells that are supposed to protect us from illnesses. These are a type of white blood cell called CD4 cells. HIV takes over CD4 cells and turns them into virus factories that produce thousands of viral copies. As the virus grows, it damages or kills CD4 cells, weakening the immune system.

Dr. Monga Clinic Delhi
Address1: – 20 National Park Lajpat Nagar 4 Delhi, 110024
Our Another Hiv Clinic in Gurgaon Dr. Monga Medi Clinic Gurgaon
Address2: – 332 Galleria Tower DLF Phase-IV near Galleria Market, Gurgaon, 122002
Address3: – J3/16 Near tikona park, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027
For any Info or book appointment Online please call me @ +91-8010977000, +91-9999219128
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