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May 19, 2020

Precast Concrete Walls

If you are looking for high quality precast concrete walls Then Coen Precast Pty Ltd is your one of the best choice. We are one of the largest manufacturers of efficient and customisable precast concrete walls & precast retaining walls. We are providing a precast concrete wall & panels for commercial, industrial, residential to civil construction industries in Melbourne, Geelong and Western District.

Our precast concrete products offer high structural efficiency and low wastage rates on site. Apart from manufacturing and delivering precast panel, we are also an expert in providing installation, Shop drawing, Transportation, Storage unit.

To know more about us, call us or visit our website now!

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Coen Precast is the leading precast concrete manufacturer in Melbourne and Geelong. Our precast concrete panels are best in the industry. Call 0352488927

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