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May 18, 2020

Replenish 911 It looks like a juicer should look, clean and simplistic. It is priced in a very reasonable range and while it is not one of the cheap juicers it performs exceptionally well. The L equip juicer model 215 is another great example of a centrifugal juicer. This juicier has four desirable attributes that makes it a good example of what to buy when shopping.

First, is an extra large feed chute. This allows for less cutting of the vegetables or fruit to run in the juicer. Second, is the great yield ratio of product to juice produced. Third, is the automatic pulp ejection from the juicing process. You can continually juice without having to stop to empty the pulp. And fourth, this unit is a breeze to clean up. These four things are foundational when looking at buying a juicer.

These two types of juicer are in the least costly and are relatively easy to find in local stores and on the internet. The Waring Pro is in the $120.00 range and the Omega 1000 is in the $190.00 range.

No, these are not cheap juicers; however when looking at masticating and triturating juicers the cost goes up very quickly. I am not implying the juicers are not worth every last dime, they are. The levels of these are on industrial juicer capabilities. Consider both when looking to invest in a juicer.

What Is Replenish 911?

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