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October 25, 2020

Handmade Soap

This soap is Handmade Soap, made with saponified oils of coconut and olive, activated charcoal powder and goat’s milk scented with frankincense and mirh.

Charcoal has many properties is good in getting rid of impurities on your skin and paired with goats’s milk makes the perfect combo

charcoal might leave residue in the shower that is easily rinsed away powder

this soap is made with saponified oils of coconut and olive, activated charcoal powder and goat’s milk scented with frankincense and mirh

Conventional soaps from the supermarkets and other well known brands may seem OK, but the secret is that they’re filled with cheap industrial detergents, often made with animal fats and may be causing your skin to dry out and age prematurely.

Handmade soap is the bodies first line of defense against dehydration, and gives your skin the care it deserves so that cleansing is a gentle, soothing experience.

Unlike harsh commercial soaps, most Handmade soaps use Glycerin and plant bases, Glycerin locks many health benefits into Handmade soap but mass produced soaps consider it too expensive. Glycerin is a humectant, which means it attracts moisture to your skin, it blends well with essential oils and improves their longevity within soap. Commercial soaps use a much harsher, cheaper, cleansing base which leads to dry skin as they strip natural oils, which can cause wrinkles and dehydration.

Many Handmade soaps use the principals of Aromatherapy to combine ingredients, making the perfect soap blend not simply mixing essences to make soap smell nice. Handmade Soaps often  use essential oils whenever possible, and  consider Aromatherapy and natural benefits to your skin to give the best quality soap.

Handmade Soap Benefits

Popularity is rapidly growing for handmade soaps as people are beginning to discover the chemical free benefits they have to offer. With the common use of synthetic supermarket products and studies about their worrying effects, more and more people are searching for alternatives.

Those who suffer from skin sensitivity or are hypoallergenic often find immediate relief by switching to natural Handmade Soaps and gentle SLS free handmade soap. Beautiful handmade soaps are rich in skin moisturizing glycerin or natural plant cleansers which create a softening lather and help to seal in moisture. They won’t strip skin like ordinary soap or leave it feeling sticky.

The natural soap bases for Handmade soap are usually made from vegetable-based oils, such as Coconut, Olive and palm and do not contain the many chemicals packed into mass produced soap. Experts say that Glycerin, frequently used in the finest Handmade soaps and is the best natural soap base. Glycerin absorbs water from the air and is a key factor in keeping skin soft and healthy, and one of the best soaps for sensitive, delicate skin.

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