Guidelines for writing a perfect ACS RPL report

February 13, 2020

Are you having problem writing a perfect RPL report for your skill assessment? Here are some guidelines for writing a perfect RPL on your own.

Recognition of prior learning for ACS should be written in a specific format provided by ACS assessing body. If you won’t follow RPL guidelines then your RPL report will be rejected instantly. You have to follow below guidelines and tips to write best RPL Report for ACS.

Guidelines for writing a Perfect ACS RPL Report

You have to follow below guidelines and tips to write best RPL Report for ACS.

    • Your RPL report must be written on the basis of your actual work experience. If you are caught writing false information then your RPL application will be rejected.
    • If you have used other’s ideas in your project work then you have to mention it clearly and methods used or even diagram and examples.
    • Your ACS RPL must be completely free of any plagiarized content. Do not copy from the RPL samples available in internet sources. If the assessing body found any trace of plagiarism in your report during the assessment, you will be reported to IBP department and could be banned. Hence, use the samples as a reference and write your RPL report on similar format.
    • ACS uses advanced tools like TURNITIN software to detect duplicate or plagiarism. So please write your report in your own words. Sometime, unknowingly your content can be matching with other candidates reports. So always check for plagiarism before submitting it for the assessment.
    • Use relevant job description in your report that are closely related to the employment duties of the applied occupation according to the ANZSCO code list.

If you follow such guidelines for RPL report for ACS then you will be able to write an excellent RPL report.

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