Guide To Fix Brother hl-l2300d wireless setup

November 24, 2020

Brother hl-l2300d wireless setup on a WiFi Network with the Provided CD-ROM but with no USB Cable. This FAQ gives details on how to connect Brother hl-123000d printer to WiFi network using the CD-ROM minus a USB cable. Here, note that your PC must be linked to your wireless network.


Brother hl-l2300d Wireless Setup For Macintosh users:

Step 1: Double-click the BROTHER icon on your desktop.

Step 2: Double-click the Driver Download icon.

Step 3: Select Wireless Network Connection, click Next.

Step 4: After the Wireless Device Setup screen emerges, go for No, I don’t have a USB cable, and after that, click Next.

Step 5: Verify the message on the Wireless Device Setup screen.

Step 6 : Check the Checked and confirmed box before clicking Next.

Step 7: Your Network Name (SSID, ESSID) will be shown; choose Yes and later, click Next.

Step 8: The moment the Enable Wireless screen crops up, enable wireless networking on the device with its control panel.

Step 9: Stick to the steps on the right-hand side of the monitor.

Step 10: Push and grip the Wi-Fi button on your machine for nearly two seconds till the light starts to flicker.

Step 11: The Wi-Fi button will brighten once it is linked.

Step 12: You have accomplished the wireless setup on your Brother machine.

Step 13: Return to your PC.

Step 14: Point out Connection: OK and click Next.

Step 15: Verify the connection result of the wireless setup.

Step 16: Decide on the Brother machine you want to install.

Step 17: At that time, click Next and comply with the on-screen instructions to install the printer driver for network connection.

Step 18: Though you have printed with USB connection, you must install the printer driver for network connection.

Step 19: Point out the Brother machine you want to install.

Step 20: The drivers and software installation begins.

Step 21: Obey the on-screen instructions to wrap up the installation.

If Still the Brother hl-l2300d wireless setup is Not Done Then Contact BrotherPrinterSupport247 Team For Remote Help.

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