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October 15, 2020

Welcome:- instantlawnsa

Instant Lawn Services in South Africa

Instant Lawn currently has above 100 hectares of Lawn under propagation at our farms. They have an extensive diversity of different types of Instant Lawn to present your requirements. We strive to bring into being and supply Top Quality Instant Lawn.


Each employer of our company works together well to put all our customers first and offer them a service with satisfaction and fineness. Whether you visit our farms to bring together or we deliver, we assure fantastic service throughout your time with us. As leaders in the production to supply you with the best Instant Lawn, one needs to look no further than this one-stop green shop.


Welcome to Instant Lawn, where we supply for your instant lawn needs……….

We supply Turf and instant Grass at fair and competitive prices.

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We do deliveries right through and surrounding areas…

Kikuyu grass is suitable for the sunnier side of your instant lawn in Sandton (more than 60% sun per day). This is a reliable type of grass that will withstand high traffic and does not need a lot of maintenance provided. It gets a lot of water and fertilizer (about four times a year). To maintain its quality, meet our company, instant lawn in Sandton and feel free to contact us. The essential points regarding Kikuyu are listed below:


Most extensively used variety for the lawn in Sandton

Having the vigorous growing ability

Suitable for full sun and do not shade tolerant

Bright green

Coarse leaf surface

Possess good recovery from drought

Suits an extensive range of soil types

Fast establishment speed

Excellent wearability

Goes dormant on the Highveld in winter

Requires a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day to thrive

If you are interested in installing it in your lawn, call instant lawn in Sandton for taking our services.

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