Gopinath Creation Electric Classic Sleek Design Hand Blender Mixer

February 20, 2020

Gopinath Creation introduced Electric Classic Sleek Design Hand Blender Mixer Coffee Beater(Multicolour) is a wonderful device to help you make a cup of coffee with lots of Froth. It Froths, Stirrs, Mixes and adds that extra Zing to your drink. Also used for Whisking, Shaking and Frother. Great for home crack eggs, Use for making Cappuccino, Latte macchiato, White coffee, and Milkshake let you feel at home just like at the CCD. Sturdy handle provides comfortable and firm grip Contemporary European design. Easy to Operate and very convenient Take the hot or cold milk in a cup and plunge the frother half way down and power it on. Just keep moving the frother up and down. When you have the desired amount of foam turn off the frother and your professional style foamed milk is ready for your drink. Easy to Clean The drink mixer can be easily cleaned by rinsing the whisking head and shaft under the faucet. OPERATED BY AA 1.5 V x 2 (Batteries NOT included)

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